Las Vegas!

In my last post, I mentioned that my husband and I, before moving back into town, took a weeklong trip to Las Vegas. It was so much fun, not to mention fantastic exercise! I walked more than I have in a loooong time. We pretty much spent the days walking down the strip, visiting the different hotels and casinos and seeing the sights. We spent several evenings at shows (namely Cirque du Soleil). Overall, it was a fantastic week.


Vegas Tip #1: Always ask for a room upgrade!

When we bought our hotel tickets online, we had requested a king size bed, but instead ended up with two queens. After the first night, we went to the front desk to see if they could bump us up to a room with a king bed. The person working there, after checking on their computer, first told us that they were completely booked up that week. He then went to go check with the manager. They came back and gave us a new room key, a room on the top floor. We got up there and open the door to find, not a single room with a king size bed, but an entire two-level suite!

This is the bathroom with a glimpse of our amazing view. From this angle, you can see the mountains in the distance, but if you looked from the other side (out the windows on the left side of the tub) you would see a great view of the strip.

The shower. You could see the view out the window while taking a shower. It was pretty amazing!

The bedroom (upstairs)

Looking over the balcony in the bedroom to the living room below

Our spiral staircase inside the suite

The downstairs entrance (there was an entrance on each level) and the downstairs bathroom (the door on the right)

Vegas Tip #2: Try to hit as many of the casinos on the strip as you can!

We had so much fun going to as many as we could, seeing the sights, going up in the Eiffel Tower, and eating at the various restaurants. We even decided to buy a used deck of cards from each casino gift shop so we now have a full collection of playing cards with memories attached to them. (Admittedly we didn’t think of this until the last night, so we didn’t get some from each place we went, but we did manage to get quite a few! It’s just another incentive to go back. 😉 )

Heading across the street to New York, New York

New York, New York

The Luxor

The Flamingo

Caesar’s Palace

Out for a nighttime stroll, dreaming of Paris! 😉

Treasure Island where we saw our first Cirque show, Mystere

The view from the top of the Eiffel Tower

Vegas Tip #3: Get a picture with the Vegas sign – but don’t forget to take a picture of the back too!

We went and walked down to the Vegas sign at the end of the strip one day. It’s neat to have that iconic picture of it included in our pictures from the trip. The hubby wisely thought to take a picture of the back of the sign as well, which made a perfect back cover to the photo book that we made of our trip!

Vegas Tip #4: Cirque du Soleil is a MUST!

We went to see Cirque (the second night we were there I believe) because it was on my bucket list and the hubby was feeling very accommodating. But after seeing the show, we BOTH loved it so much we bought tickets to another Cirque show a couple nights later! (Vegas Tip 4b: buying tickets last minute isn’t necessarily a bad thing – ours ended up being second-row seats for dirt cheap!)

The first Cirque show we went to, Mystere

Mystere was a very random show as evidenced by the giant snail that only appeared at the end of the show right before the curtain call. You can also see in this picture that although our seats weren’t horrible, they weren’t super great either. This is the show we bought the tickets for ahead of time.

This is from the second Cirque show we went to, Zarkana. These are our awesome seats in the second row. This picture was also taken at an angle; the three heads you see on the left side of the picture are sitting basically in the center of the auditorium.

Horrible picture, but we were having the time of our lives!

Crazy balancing acts

This act was a cross between a trampoline and a balance beam.

The tightrope walkers

Not sure what this contraption is called; it reminded me of two German wheels attached to each other while both men ran, jumped, and did flips inside of them. This one scared Ben to death.


Vegas Tip #5: Take something fun (and totally random!) with you to take pictures of!

Ben decided it would be fun to take some minions he had bought (Happy Meals toys :)) and for us to plant them everywhere and take pictures of them. I admit I was skeptical at first, (and yes, it still feels super cheesy) but we had a ball with them! We created scenarios, whole characters, and sometimes an occasional prop to take pictures with. We would go up to random people in costumes asking them if they would take a picture with a minion. Ben even had a minion following on his Instagram, as his IG for our trip was completely from the minions’ perspective. Like I said, cheesy but so much fun!

Our first minion picture; he’s preparing to board the plane at the airport.

Minion 2 dreaming of playing the slots at New York, New York

Minion in front of the Luxor

Minion posing with the Reese’s dude

This minion is hoping to make his big break in Vegas

Minions playing Roulette

This minion thinks the bidet is a water park. 🙂


So that was our trip in a nutshell. I wasn’t sure what to expect when we went, but we ended up having a lot of fun and really enjoyed just spending quality time together before we had to move and life got crazy again.

Role call in the comments: Have you been to Vegas before? What was your favorite thing to see/do? What advice would you give someone planning a trip there?


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