I’m Baaaack!

So I haven’t posted at all in the last year. Part of the reason is because we have had a TON of changes going on and life has been CRAZY! Part of it is just because I have gotten lazy lately and decided that watching Netflix would be easier than writing a blog post where I have to apologize because I haven’t written in awhile. Whoops! So I’m doing it now!

So, to catch you up on the last year of our lives…….

After I had been working almost exactly three months in Tulsa, we got word that my husband was offered a job back in the town that we both grew up in, and they would be matching his current pay. So we moved back (yay!) and I miraculously found teaching jobs (which is where my heart has been all along) a week and a half before school started. We actually took a week off in between moving for a trip to Las Vegas (since the hubby wouldn’t be getting any vacation for his first year; pictures of the trip to come later!) and then hurriedly moved into a duplex two days before we both started work!

The fall went by quickly as we got settled into our new routines and got used to actually having places to be and things to do during the week. In January we began searching for a duplex to buy in the area, our goal being to live in one side of it and to rent out the other side in order to help out with our mortgage payments. However, we soon found the search more difficult than we originally expected; over the course of the last 6 months we have found 3 duplexes to go and look at. The last duplex we looked at was a couple of weeks ago, and we really liked it! It needs some work but after talking and praying about it, we decided to go for it. We turned in our signed contract on the property this week! 😀 Now to start the process of meeting with banks…

This fall we are looking forward to fixing up our new house, moving in, getting settled into a new schedule for this school year (for me anyway), and possibly a trip to Europe around the holidays!

I’m really looking forward to this school year and all of the new things to come. Be sure to subscribe to my blog if you haven’t already to be able to follow me as I document our adventures! (And this time I WILL do a better job of keeping you up to date! ;)) I’ve got lots of plans for posts to share (travel stories, DIY successes and failures as we fix up our new house, organization ideas as we move and unpack, as well as home management lessons I’m learning along the way!)

If there’s anything you’d like to hear a blog post about, leave me a comment below and let me know! Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “I’m Baaaack!

  1. Awesome, Awesome!! So excited to see where God takes you all on your adventures together! And so very glad you’re back “home” in AR!


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