When God Says Wait…. Part 2

The other day I shared about how I have been struggling a bit with this period of waiting that God seems to have me and my husband in right now. Everything in our lives feels like it’s on pause and we’re just sitting around waiting for something to fall into place.

Later that same afternoon, after I posted, I got news that one of those things I was waiting on has FINALLY fallen into place! I finally have a job and I get to start tomorrow! The news lightened my heart immensely, even my husband mentioned when he got home how much brighter and happier I seemed. I just couldn’t believe something is finally happening!

I caught myself as I prayed to thank God for this all working out, the very first thing I prayed was “Thank you for answering my prayer!!!” I caught myself because I had just written that blog post talking about how this whole time he HAS answered my prayers, it just wasn’t the answer I wanted. But my answer was to trust Him anyway.

It got me thinking about my attitude towards prayer. I say that I trust Him, and that I want things to work out in His timing, but that’s not how I pray. I pray with a wish list and if it doesn’t happen I say “Oh well, it wasn’t His will” and if it does I say “Thanks for answering my prayer”. It’s taken me until now to realize what a double standard this is! If I truly believe that His way is best, I would accept any response as an answer to my prayer and not only that, I would THANK Him for any response. Even if that response is the exact opposite of what I had asked and hoped for.

If I truly believed He was in control and if I truly trusted Him with my life – our lives – I would thank him for the yes, for the no, and for the one that I believe is the hardest, the wait. I should have been thanking Him this whole time instead of spending my prayers pleading for something to fall into place.

Easier said than done. But I know I can lean on Him and trust Him to remind me when I’m being self-consumed and need to readjust my focus. And to be ready to learn whatever lesson He wants to teach me – because there usually is one if I’ll take the time to pay attention and learn it!

So what about you? Is there anything God has been asking you to wait on? What have you learned through those seasons? Feel free to share in the comments section below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!!!


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