What a Mighty God We Serve!

I have a confession to make. I have a tendency to start things and leave them undone, particularly blogs. I think this is my third one (but third time’s a charm right?). So I have a couple of things to ask. One is for accountability!! If you follow my blog on a regular basis, feel free to ask me about it! (“So I haven’t seen any posts recently……what’s up?”) The second is I would like to share a story from a previous blog that I started.

Sometimes I like to think I have God all figured out…and then He likes to do something else awesome and show me that I have absolutely no idea. He provides in ways way beyond what I could ever think or imagine and I will begin to think I understand why, and then again He shows me that I was only seeing the teeniest part of the corner of the picture that He was creating. Below is a link to a several part blog series where I wrote about a mission trip to Belize. The trip (for me) was rather last minute and came together in ways that I knew could only be God’s hand.

Here is the story. (The posts go from the bottom up, so start at the bottom for the full series!)

The interesting thing throughout this whole story is that in seeing God’s hand over everything I KNEW there had to be a reason I was going. And once I got back I had it all figured out. God used that opportunity to show me some things about myself, things that I struggled with and things I continue to struggle with even today. I learned a lot on that trip, and afterwards I thought I had it all figured out and that that (aside from also being able to hopefully help and minister to the people of Belize) was the reason He wanted me there.

And while that perhaps might be true, it struck me recently that during that trip is when I first really got to know my now-husband. If it weren’t for that trip we might never have really connected. And today we celebrate two months of marriage! So while I went into that trip knowing God was going to do something cool (and He did do many other things through our group that week as well!), I was expecting just one big obvious result. Instead, He took one simple trip four years ago and created a ripple effect where the results of this one week trip are still affecting my life today! How awesome is He??


2 thoughts on “What a Mighty God We Serve!

  1. 🙂
    I just assume that people are *living* life, rather than writing about it, when posts don’t appear. That’s how it usually is for me anyways…. Lexi told me she saw you Sunday; bummed that I didn’t get to… Well, technically, she told me she saw Ben. Then made me guess which one. She knows quite a few Bens, you know 😉


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