Learning To Be a Homemaker (At Heart)

I’m a little bit old fashioned. Since my husband is the primary wage earner in our home, I feel that taking care of the home is primarily my responsibility. That’s not to say that I never ask him to help out with chores or that I’m his slave or anything, but marriage is all about teamwork and everybody has a job. Since he spends 8 hours a day making the majority of the money we spend, I feel that my contribution is to take care of managing the household while he is gone during the day. I take that responsibility very seriously.

A homemaker is defined by Webster as “one who manages a household”. This means managing everything to make sure the home runs smoothly – it does not have to mean that you do it all yourself! To me, home management includes a large range of things in the home, not just chores. It includes cleaning, keeping the family fed and clothed, taking care of the finances, managing the family’s schedule(s), keeping the home organized, managing relationships inside and outside of the home, as well as taking care of myself (fitness, personal health, beauty routine, and spiritual health). That’s a lot to be in charge of! In my home we split some of these responsibilities and on others we work together, but I take it as my responsibility to make sure that nothing is overlooked!

Right now in my life I am in a transition period. My husband and I just got married (coming up on one month this week!) and I just moved in to his — er now our — apartment. I’m not currently working (which is the first time I haven’t worked at least 20 hours a week since I graduated high school!). Because of this I truly am home ALL the TIME and am able to truly make my goal being a homemaker in the most literal sense. However, my goal is that even when we’re not living in a transition stage, when we have put down more roots and I begin working again, my goal is that I am a homemaker at heart, in the sense that my primary focus and responsibility will still be my home and my family.

I started this blog as a way to sort of journal and take note of all of the lessons I am learning. You are welcome to follow me on this journey as I learn to be a homemaker. I want to be a homemaker at heart, always keeping my heart and my focus where it should be: on God first and then family before anything else. I will be posting thoughts and things I’ve learned, but I will also be posting ideas and goals that I want to accomplish. I hope this can be a place for me to journal and learn and grow, but also for YOU, my faithful readers, to learn and be inspired as well! So I hope you’ll join me as I discover both the logistics of managing a home and learning to be a homemaker at heart.


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